June 4, 2023

Recording Interpreting Narrative Observations.

Finally, write your interpretations on the right side of the page that you designated as “interpretations”. Ensure each interpretation corresponds to an observed behavior. For example; if you observed the preschooler pausing each time he put a puzzle piece in place, your written interpretation could be that he was using logic skills to figure out where the next piece fit. A background or knowledge of child development makes this the point that you can turn simple narrative observations into an interpretation of the child’s actions. Transcribe your narrative observation into a computer without making any edits to what you wrote in either column. Your observations must be objective and based solely on what you saw. The subjective part of your observation occurs in your interpretation of the data and the child’s actions. Keep your narrative recording to a single child to ensure you capture everything that the singular child does. Observing multiple children is difficult and does not provide an accurate picture of their individual activities. Printing out the completed narrative observations and interpretations of the preschooler can help create a long-term file.

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