March 20, 2023

What Happens if You Don’t Pass?

Because the English Regents exam must be passed in order to obtain the Regents Diploma, students need to try their best to score a 65. If for some reason you don’t pass the first time you take the test in June, you can take the test when it’s offered again in August and again in January.

If you don’t pass the English Regents exam after having taken it three times, then you will have to appeal to graduate. Different schools may have some type of system in place to help struggling students be able to graduate despite not passing the test, but ultimately, your goal should be to study hard, so you can at least attain a score a 65. If not, there may be a possibility you have to stay back or continue retaking the exam until you pass with the required score. Another good English Regents tip is to make sure you answer all the questions as best as possible. If you leave a question blank or don’t write what you can, there’s no room for the test grader to try and find additional points.

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