May 29, 2023

Consider Testing Out of Classes

Sometimes you may find you are required to take a class not to learn new information but simply to go through the motions of sitting through lectures, completing homework and taking tests on a subject with which you are very familiar. This can sometimes lead to students not turning in work or attending class regularly because they are bored and see putting in the time to complete “busy work” as a waste of time.

This leads to students not passing classes and therefore, failing to earn the credits for a class which will, in turn, make them short of the required credits to graduate. If you find you are required to take a class even if you know the material, see if your high school offers the option to “test out.” This alternative, if permitted, gives you the option to earn the credits for a particular class by taking a cumulative exam that covers all of the information taught from the beginning of the class to the end without actually having to take the class.

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