February 28, 2024

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How to Extract Blackheads at Home
With care, you can safely extract blackheads at home.

This is easiest just after a shower when your skin is warm and the gunk inside the pores is softer. You can also prep your skin with a face steamer, if you prefer.

You will need to follow the same steps that a professional would. But when extracting your own blackheads, you may be tempted to go a bit further than is safe or skip some steps.

To remove blackheads safely, be sure that you always:1
Wash your hands before beginning.
Use very gentle pressure to squeeze the sides of the blackhead.
Avoid squeezing your blackheads with your fingernails.
Make sure your fingers are wrapped with cotton or tissue.
Take extra care when using a comedone extractor. These devices can put a lot of pressure on the skin if you use them incorrectly.3
Leave blackheads that won’t budge for another day. If one doesn’t come out, don’t force it.
Never squeeze or try to “pop” a red, inflamed pimple. This can cause scarring.4
Your skin may be slightly red for a very short time after removing blackheads. This is just because of the pressure put on the skin during the extraction. You’re more likely to see this if your skin is sensitive.

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